Mestiza Sans is the new family of the Mestiza system, which is the perfect complement to the Serif version, as it reinforces and amplifies the possibilities of use and combination.

It preserves the relics of the serifs discreetly and harmoniously, bringing the artisanal to the contemporary in a mixture that continues to evoke elegance and strength. It’s ideal for Headlines, Branding, and Editorial projects thanks to the fact that it has a set of more than 700 multilingual characters, including Small Caps, Ligatures, some Alternates, Symbols, and six kinds of Numerals, as Lining Figures, Oldstyle, Small Caps, Superiors, Inferiors, and Fractions. Mestiza has 12 variants, six Roman plus italics, including Small Caps, OldStyle numbers, Superiors, Inferiors, Contextual and Discretional ligatures, Symbols, and some Alternates.