Mestiza is a type family with a living past, which combines its ancient roots bringing the handmade to the contemporary in a spirited mix that evokes elegance and strength.

Thanks to its sharp terminals and high contrast, Mestiza acquires a unique personality. It is ideal for headlines and branding projects and allows it to be set in 219 languages ​​of the Latin alphabet thanks to the more than 400 characters set.

Mestiza currently has six Roman-style variants, but we will be working on publishing a non-extra-charge upgrade only for early buyers that will include small caps, old-style numbers, superiors, inferiors, some discretionary ligatures (not too many), and some dingbats… and, of course, italics.

Mestiza is part of our ‘Work In Progress’ projects and is currently available at a special price until we finish it; since we are a small foundry, we need financing to continue working on retail projects.

Finally, we want to thank all those who have believed in us and have given us their trust and support by acquiring our fonts. Every day our commitment is to continue offering better quality fonts for your projects.